Velshi: Democracy Is On The Line In This Upcoming SCOTUS Case

Velshi: Democracy Is On The Line In This Upcoming SCOTUS Case

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4 December, 2022
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What began as a dispute over a heavily gerrymandered congressional map in North Carolina has brought the fringe Independent State Legislature theory to the Supreme Court in a case called Moore V. Harper. The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for that case this week, on Wednesday. And if the Supreme Court embraces ISL, it could have dire consequences for the integrity of future elections. It could give elected state representatives and legislators the authority to redraw districts without court oversight, ending protections against gerrymandering. It could allow state legislators to ignore their own state’s voting laws, subvert their constitutions, even hand pick electors.

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Republicans have won control of the House by a slim margin. With Democrats gaining control of the Senate, President Biden will now need to work with a divided congress. See all the Midterms results here:

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