10yo girl not amused by ‘SNL’ joke about her disabled pet chicken

by Kim Boateng Posted on April 12th, 2019

Underhill, Vermont: Alora Wood, a 10-year-old girl from Vermont has taken issue with Saturday Night Live after her disabled pet chicken became the butt of a joke and ruffled some feathers. Alora Wood’s chicken, named Granite Heart, is learning to walk with a custom wheelchair after being born with a deformed foot. The girl said she was not amused when she found out SNL used a recent news story about her chicken as part of its ‘Weekend Update’ segment.

On the recent SNL episode, SNL co-host Colin Jost made fun of the chicken using a wheelchair.

Jost also joked about how Granite Heart had survived a weasel attack last year that killer her sibling.

‘Just eat the chicken,’ the comedian told viewers.

Wood hit out at Jost in an interview with NECN-TV, telling the SNL host to ‘be more sensitive’.

The fifth-grader says she knows the segment was meant to be a joke, but said she was not amused by the thought of putting her pet on a plate.

‘I know it was meant to be a joke, but what if it was a dog?’ she said.

‘Any creature, no matter how big, no matter how small, they deserve to have a perfect life.’

The custom wheelchair came from a company in Amherst, New Hampshire, that makes pet wheelchairs.

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