10 Things You Should Know About The New Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC Sedan

10 Things You Should Know About The New Mercedes-AMG C43 4MATIC Sedan

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28 September, 2022
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Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular automotive brands in the world. The German automaker has a wide range of vehicles, with a performance division dedicated to creating some of the most powerful versions of every car they produce.

When the fifth generation of the C Class was first announced in 2021, gearheads around the world were instantly impressed. However, the AMG models were still to come. Mercedes-AMG usually has two AMG models, the C43 and the C63.

Want to learn more about the new Mercedes-AMG C43? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest C43 AMG.

10 A modern, aggressive look

2023 AMG C43 SEDANvia Mercedes

The new C43 comes in a modern, new design. This includes a sleek front end with a redesigned front bumper. The front end of the C43 is one of the big differentiating factors between the AMG model and the rest of the C Class range.

2023-AMG-C43-SEDAN-LTG-02-DRvia Mercedes

AMG also allows you to customize the C 43 with a number of different AMG wheels. This includes a blacked-out option that goes perfectly with the AMG Night Package. As with AMG models in the past, the AMG Night Package blacks out the grille and various components around the car for a more aggressive look.

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9 AMG cooling

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-DrivingVia: netcarshow

The new C 43 comes with a chrome AMG cooler grille. However, AMG has incorporated cooling in many other aspects of the sports sedan. The C 43 features sporty air-inlets and curved side skirts to help direct air perfectly around the car.

2023-AMG-C43-SEDAN-FMG-016-WPvia Mercedes

Mercedes also paid close attention to the bodylines and curves of the C 43 as they aimed to make the most efficient car possible. Since these vehicles were designed to be hybrids, Mercedes knew that they needed to do everything they could to extract as much performance as possible.

8th 402HP power train

Mercedes-Benz C43_AMG_Estate EngineVia: netcarshow

As mentioned above, the new AMG models come with unique AMG hybrid powertrains. Both the C 43 and the C 63 E Performance models come with a 4-cylinder hybrid engine. However, the engine in the C 43 can produce around 402 HP.

Mercedes-Benz C43_AMG_Estate TurboVia: netcarshow

The closest competitor to the C Class from Mercedes is the 3 Series from BMW. However, BMW has taken a different approach to their new vehicles as they have developed a mild-hybrid powertrain that can work in the background. The engine in the new C 43 AMG is a plug-in hybrid, allowing you to drive on electric power with just the tap of a button.

7 Mercedes 4MATIC All Wheel Drive

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-Tunnel-1Via: netcarshow

The new C 43 comes with the latest version of Mercedes’ 4MATIC technology. This is the all-wheel-drive system from Mercedes that promises added grip and performance both on the road and on track.

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-Front SeatsVia: netcarshow

The 4MATIC system on the new C 43 comes with a rear-biased torque distribution. This differs from the Quattro system from Audi which provides you with straight-line grip alone. The rear bias allows the C 43 to have a more authentic racing feel behind the wheel, similar to the xDrive system from BMW.

6 Electric exhaust gas turbocharger

Mercedes-Benz AMG C43, white, rear quarter viewVia: Mercedes Benz

The new AMG vehicles were designed with the help of the Mercedes F1 team. This is why you may find that many of the new hybrid features can trace their way back to innovations made in Formula One over the last few years.

Mercedes-Benz C43_AMG_Estate 2023 grilleVia: netcarshow

The new C 43 comes with an electric exhaust turbocharger. This means that the car can still have all the benefits of a turbocharger while being assisted by an electric motor. This way, the turbo can kick in without as much lag as in the previous models.

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5 Dynamic Drive Modes

2023-AMG-C43-SEDAN-FMG-001-WPvia Mercedes

Mercedes have developed their engine management software over the last few years to be one of the best on the market. The new AMG models come with a few familiar drive modes but include a new electric-only mode. This mode allows you to drive exclusively with the electric motor.

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-sideVia: netcarshow

The new C 43 still comes with the standard drive modes that you can expect to use every day. The eco-mode is even more efficient than before, but the sport and sport plus modes leverage the instant torque to deliver impressive performance whenever you may need it.

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4 An Impressive Interior

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-Gear PaddlesVia: netcarshow

The new C 43 comes with a seriously comfortable and sporty interior design. While the AMG models are designed for performance, they are still some of the most luxurious cars on the market. The new C 43 comes with premium leather bucket seats and two massive screens.

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023 infotainment screenVia: netcarshow

The new interior design language looks incredibly similar to the S Class from Mercedes-Benz. This design language includes two screens, one for the driver and another for the center console. The interior also includes ambient lighting, comfort access, and electronically adjustable seats, everything you can expect from a modern Mercedes-Benz.

3 The Latest MBUX System

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-Steering WheelVia: netcarshow

As mentioned above, the new C Class comes with two massive digital displays. While the one screen is exclusively for the driver, both of these screens are powered by the same MBUX system. This allows the driver to view and control the infotainment system without having to take their eyes off the road.

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-interiorVia: netcarshow

The latest version of MBUX that has been included in the C 43 comes with a ton of convenience features. This includes a fingerprint recognition system, driver profiles, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and even a voice assistant. This highlights the modern features that come as standard with this high-performance car.

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2 0 to 62 in 4.6 seconds

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-AlloysVia: netcarshow

When it comes to performance, the C 43 4MATIC does not disappoint. The new C 43 4MATIC may have a 4-cylinder engine, but it can produce 402 HP. This is a big increase from the previous V6 version of the car which could only produce around 375 HP.

2023-AMG-C43-SEDAN-FMG-008-WPvia Mercedes

However, the hybrid engine also helps with acceleration as the instant torque helps accelerate the car from 0 to 60 in just 4.6 seconds. The new 4MATIC system also kicks in to help the C 43, making it a great performance sedan.

1 Quad tail pipes

Mercedes-Benz-C43_AMG_Estate-2023-ExhaustVia: netcarshow

The Mercedes-AMG C 43 slots in between the C 63 and the rest of the C Class range from Mercedes. In this way, the C 43 is made for those who want something a bit sportier than the standard C Class models but don’t need the ultimate power of the C 63.

2023 Mercedes AMG C43via MB USA

However, some may argue that the C 43 may actually look better than the C 63 due to its circular, quad tailpipes. This has been a consistent design choice for Mercedes-AMG for the C 43 models and gives the rear of the car a unique, aggressive look.

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