5 coolest cars to have in your collection in NFS Unbound

5 coolest cars to have in your collection in NFS Unbound

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4 December, 2022
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Legendary cars to not miss out on in NFS Unbound (Image via Criterion Games)

NFS Unbound boasts a huge roster of 143 cars, leaving racing enthusiasts spoiled for choice. Beyond its wide collection of cars, creators have pulled off a bold but beautiful graffiti-inspired cartoonish setting to entice a new generation of racing gamers.

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Presenting the vibrant and colorful open world of Lakeshore City, NFS Unbound has plenty of rare collectible cars on offer, from old vintage classics of the previous NFS series, such as the Nissan Skyline GT, to rare one-time vintage cars. Here’s a quick run down of a few of them:

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From BMW M1 to Subaru Impreza, here are three other cool cars you should own in NFS Unbound

1) BMW M1 (1981)

  • top speed: 162mph
  • acceleration: 5.4 seconds

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Don’t go by its looks, this vintage BMW edition was a pocket-sized dynamite in its heyday. A fully customized BMW M1 in NFS Unbound can still pose a challenge in any street race.

The only hassle is that players must accrue all the collectibles and unlock all the activities in the game to purchase this vintage car at $216,500.

2) Mercedes Benz 190E (1988)

  • top speed: 146mph
  • acceleration: 7.7 seconds

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This one’s a special car in NFS Unbound, based on American rapper A$AP Rocky’s real-life custom Mercedes-Benz 190E, who also happens to be an in-game character.

The car has smooth handling but doesn’t offer lighting, fast acceleration, or speed. This one-time custom edition can be bought for only $53,000.

3) Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX (1999)

  • top speed: 150mph
  • acceleration: 6.8 seconds

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The Mitsubishi Eclipse is incredibly underrated. Boasting great handling, the reliable hybrid car has made its return to need for speed. The Mitsubishi Eclipse also came into the limelight due to the Fast and the Furious series. Players can nab this dependable car for only $35,000 in NFS Unbound.

4) McLaren F1 (1994)

  • top speed: 221mph
  • acceleration: 3.2 seconds

The McLaren F1 – the undisputed leader among all vintage sports cars (Image via EA)

Despite being around for three decades, the McLaren F1 continues to humble all other sports cars. In the game, the iconic vehicle feels lightweight to handle, as stirring it around windy roads at high speeds feels incredibly easy.

Players can get the McLaren F1, one of the most complete sports cars ever made, for $1,100,000 in NFS Unbound.

5) Subaru Impreza WRX STI (2006)

  • top speed: 180mph
  • acceleration: 4.3 seconds

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The Nissan Skyline GT needs no introduction as it is the most used car in Need for Speed ​​history. However, Subaru Impreza is also not far behind and is easily one of the most picked cars in NFS’s timeline. The vehicle comes with superb handling, excellent acceleration, and easy affordability.

This cult legend is back in Need For Speed ​​Unbound at only $52,000, and with a few modifications, players can turn it into an absolute demon on the streets.

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