Red Bull to bring further upgrades to the 2022 F1 Spanish GP at Barcelona

Red Bull to bring further upgrades to the 2022 F1 Spanish GP at Barcelona

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14 May, 2022
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The team is bringing new parts for Barcelona as well

Red Bull is planning to bring further upgrades to the car at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. In an interview with F1Insider, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko said the team will be bringing in new parts to help reach the optimal weight for their car. He revealed that, since the start of the season, it had been running over the weight limit.

Marco said:

“We start there with new parts, with which we can finally reach our optimum weight. So far we were relatively well above the required minimum weight of 798 kilograms.”

The Austrian, however, did have a positive mindset about the prospects of his team in the upcoming races. When questioned about where his team is compared to Ferrari, Marko said that he felt Ferrari and Red Bull were on an equal footing at the moment with their cars and it ultimately came down to the teams’ ability to maximize their packages.

Hey said:

“Ferrari and we are on an equal footing. In the future, the difference will be made by who gets the best out of the package on the respective race track. We are still looking forward to the big fight and have full trust in the FIA, which ensures that everything goes right.”

The Milton Keynes-based team has kept the momentum going in the championship after an early stumble. It has brought improvements in every race, trying to get the better of the opposition and gain any advantage possible.

Meanwhile, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto expressed concern as to how Red Bull could bring in new parts at this rate, given the cost cap in place this season. Speaking about the frequent upgrades brought by its competitors as compared to nothing from its side, the Italian said:

“If there’s a concern, it’s how much they’re developing considering the budget cap – that’s certainly an issue. At some point they will have to stop development because there is a budget limit. If not, I don’t understand how they can do it.”

Red Bull cutting down Ferrari’s lead in the championship

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Things looked a lot better for Ferrari at the end of the Australian GP after Max Verstappen suffered another DNF while Charles Leclerc enjoyed a handy lead in the championship over his rivals. Two perfect races for Max Verstappen, however, have seen the gap reduce between the two teams and things are starting to get even more interesting.

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Will we see Ferrari’s upgrades making a difference at Barcelona? Or will Verstappen cut down the gap at the front once again? We’ll have to wait and watch to find that out.

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